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Big Sky has built a reputation in the industry as a leader in catering by providing high quality, hearty meals with fresh fruit and vegetables and meals made from scratch.

Providing our clients with a variety of rotating menus, we are passionate about supplying nutritious options and high quality cuisine. Our team prepares hearty, tasty meals drawing from a variety of menus with access to our extensive inventory of fresh produce, fine quality meats and supplies. From special dietary needs and boxed lunches to holiday cuisine, our crew brings a special touch, creating a home-away-from-home atmosphere.

The impact of our committed staff is recognized when specific Big Sky catering teams are requested by our repeat clients. Our complete catering services including personnel, menu planning, daily food preparation and service, as well as custodial support are available for your camp accommodation needs.

Our field location teams are trained to meet industry standards in health and safety, and we are committed to increasing health and safety awareness within the Region.

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