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In Canada we have several unique, cutting edge camp configurations. The camps are modern and all electric. We have moved away from propane use in order to eliminate a variety of hazards. This decision also reduces the environmental impact because it utilizes one fuel cell.

In our camps, we have built and operated five custom two storey side-by-side camps mounted on tundra trailers. These camps have their own water and sewage storage holding tanks built into the trailer. All that is required to move across the tundra is a truck.

Our new camp units are 14’ wide and 65’ long in order to facilitate private single occupancy for our clients.

All our camps are custom built. Several camps were stretched during construction to provide extra amenities such as an extra bathroom or dining table. Each camp has two hot water tanks and two water pumps to provide backup in case of primary unit failure. Each camp comes with two 300-kw generators complete with fuel storage. Camp options include water storage units, sleepers and/or fitness/recreations units.

We can provide any type of custom camp configuration to service specific needs, from small 4-man camps to accommodation for 200 people. We are solution-driven and provide options for short-term project requirements where a dorm-style camp is not feasible. Through consultation with you, we will present convenient package options that will meet your needs and save you money. Our set-up is quick and therefore a cost effective choice for any client. Click HERE to see possible configurations.

We have a dedicated camp manager who oversees our field superintendents to ensure the effective management of our staff, our equipment and our services.